Items to Donate

  • towels, (new or used)
  • dog food 
  • old toys 
  • dog collars
  • soaps, shampoos or basic cleaning supplies 
  • ​flea medicine
  • heartworm prevention medicine
  • dog bowls
  • dog beds
  • leashes 
  • ​dog treats (no rawhide please)

Donating is more than just time or money, it's peace of mind. Now you can help even the most needy animals. Many things can be donated to help the Lucky Strykes shelter that makes a big difference in these dogs lives (see list on the left). There are many other things that you can do to contribute to make a difference, like donating your time. Some volunteer activities that can help the shelter would be to help wash dogs, organize kennels and supplies, walk dogs, feed the dogs and to just spend time with the animals in the shelter. Many forget that these animals have been rescued from bad or less favorable conditions, so the gesture of spending time with one of these dogs can truly make a difference. Who knows, spending time with our dogs could lead you to your next adoption! 

To donate or volunteer, please email us at:

To donate funds to us directly using paypal, send your donations through paypal using the email address:

You can also use paypal directly by copying and pasting this link:


You can also find our Amazon wishlist here:

If you want to help feed our rescues, we use Pet Wants and Victor Dog Brands. You can swing in at Wes' Feed Store in More in Blessing, Texas and tell them you'd like to purchase a dog of Victor for us and they'll add one to our account for pickup!

You can also order online at PetWants for the Chicken and Brown Rice Dog Food, and they will deliver it to us.

Check out our Facebook page for ongoing auctions or promotions for how you can help support our rescue!

We want to thank for their free software that not only helps us manage our shelter, but also keeps much needed funds for the puppies! Thank you, Patrick!