Max is our very first adoption! We were able to save Max from being euthanized from our local city pound.  It didn't take long for him to be noticed by our community.  Max is an extremely loyal dog, and it was obvious as soon as we rescued him. After finding out that Max had heartworms, his new family took immediate action to adopt him so that he could get the medical treatment he needed.  All the best wishes to Max and his new family! 

Sammy was a part of our "Resilient" litter, after being rescued hours from being put down and beating the odds for survival. Sammy was adopted by this amazing and caring family, The Castanons. They took one look at her at an adoption event, and decided to take her home right there! We know that she will be well loved and taken care of. Thank you Castanons!

Thor was a part of our "Avengers" litter. Thor was the leader of the litter, and exhibited great skills to herd and overall ability to be trained. We know Thor will make a great addition to the Garcia family, whether he is working the cows or guarding the docks.  Congratulations and thank you to the Garcia family! We have no doubt that Thor will not only be well loved, but be a great working dog! 

The McDonald family from Bay City was all to happy to adopt Draco, a great dane that came to us at least 30lbs underweight. As you can see, he is not only happy, but well fed now! We were so fortunate for the support of the McDonalds and are so happy to have played a part in uniting them together. Draco is being well loved and we wish them all a happy life! 

Falcon was a part of our "Avengers" litter. This young couple drove 30 minutes to our shelter to adopt from us and instantly fell in love with Falcon's charm and lovable nature. We are so fortunate for people near and far, willing to adopt from our shelter as well as give an opportunity to our last chance rescued puppies! We know Falcon is having fun in the sun with her new family! 

Zuri was brought to us as a stray and we just couldn't turn her over to the shelter.  She stayed with us for six months until she met Sam.  Sam fell in love with Zuri and decided to make her a part of his forever family. Congratulations to both Sam and Zuri and we wish them the happiest of happy!  

Our Successful Adoption Stories will be updated in this section!

Chance was also a part of our "Resilient" litter. Chance has amazing blue eyes that matched the young lady's eyes that had volunteered with us all day at our Cinco de Mayo event. This family has been a faithful supporter of our rescue, with everything from donating towels and toys, using our boarding services, donating time and money, and now, becoming one of our Adopters! We are so thankful for this family and there is no doubt that Chance (now Moose) is in a loving and wonderful forever home! 

Scarlet is the last of the female puppies from our "Avengers" litter. We've had her since she was 4 days old, and parting with her was bittersweet.  We will miss her jovial attitude and playfulness at the rescue.  However, we are so very appreciative and grateful to the Barker family who adopted Scarlet. She is a perfect fit for their pack of rescue animals, and she will have even more space to run and play with her new family now! Thank you to the Barker family for your support of our rescue, and for embracing Scarlet as your own!