Hello there! My name is Daley and I am running for the 2020 Dog Mayor of Palacios race. 

Many people in Palacios already address me as "Mayor Daley." They know I was named for the famous Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, who coined the term "yellow dog" to describe his loyal voters. As you can see, I am a yellow dog and have a very dignified and mayoral look. 

Many of you see me patrolling the waterfront every morning, and many of you see me, every year, at the Valentine's Parade howling along with the sirens. I do enjoy supporting the police and fire departments. 

My platform, if elected, would be to support the businesses that are dog friendly. I commend the ACE Hardware and Pierce Bookstore. 

There are not many things I'd like to change. I think Palacios is a pretty near perfect little town just the way it is. 

I am proud to say my friend, John Connor, former Human Mayor of Palacios, endorses me. 


Hey there Palacios! My name is Sassy Brhlik. I'm a "sassy" Peckenese and I'm ready to be your next Dog Mayor of Palacios. I am very adorable! I believe that every dog should have a good home. I care and love everyone and that shows in my kind and gentle nature. So please vote for me, Sassy, to be your 2020 Palacios Dog Mayor!

Woof!  I'm Augie Roemer, and I would be most proud and honored to serve as your Dog Mayor of Palacios.  If elected Mayor, I am committed to "Paws-itively Leading Palacios," and I'm in it for the loooooong haul!  #Paws-itivelyLeadingPalacios #VoteForTheLoooooongDog

I believe that every single dog in our town deserves a loving and safe environment and home, just like mine.  I am committed to helping find homes for the dogs of Lucky Strykes Dog Rescue as well as the other rescues in our town and county.  I am high energy and in great health so you can expect me to be out and about in our community.  You might find me walking our beautiful sea wall, enjoying the new sidewalks in downtown Palacios or strolling Bayshore Drive keeping an eye out for the other dogs in my neighborhood.  In addition to promoting adoptions and homes for all our pet residents, you can expect to find me out promoting pet health and safety in our community.  

Are you looking for a new leader?  Look no farther, you have waited loooooong enough for a Mayor who cares!  Vote Augie Roemer for Palacios Dog Mayor!
Make sure to find me on Facebook (fb.me/AugieRoemerforDogMayor) and Instagram (@augieroemerfordogmayor)!

I, Tugger Rynchek, candidate for Dog Mayor of Palacios, Texas, in order to form a more perfect animal community, establish justice for all critters, insure domestic tranquility for all pets, provide for the common defense of our homes, promote lots of treats and secure our welfare and posterity, do ordain and establish this platform for the United Critters of Palacios.